Vermont Truck Fabrication Project Spotlight

In this project spotlight we find a sliding tandem that goes underneath a 53 ft reefer trailer. This unit was fully loaded when recovered with the 50 ton rotator and service truck. Once at the shop the request came in for an emergency fix as it was under a hot load. Once the suspension was removed the fab team had metal made for the damaged pieces. The suspension was removed and repaired. The suspension cradle was squared and attached to the new steel. Two airbags and shocks were installed on the front axle then the team reinstalled the sliding suspension back onto the trailer, torqued new wheels and tires, performed a complete alignment and out the door they went. Load was delivered without performing a load swap or losing the load. All in a day’s work for the TDI Fabrication Team.

Click on the images below to see this project up close.

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