Vermont Heavy Truck Towing

vermont truck towing

TDI Repair & Towing provides complete 24/7 towing and recovery services for tractor trailer, bus, motorcoach and RVs. The fleet capabilities include 30 and 50 ton wreckers, a complete airbag recovery system and a medium duty rollback and other flatbed equipment for load and cargo offloading and transfers. TDI Repair & Towing also has heavy equipment hauling and storing expertise including Landoll and Lowboy trailers.

With over 45 years of experience on staff our WreckMaster trained team is ready to handle any towing, recovery or road service situation from the smallest car to the heaviest tractor trailer.

Vermont Heavy Truck Recovery

vermont truck recovery

TDI Truck Repair & Towing offers heavy duty recovery services for complete heavy truck accident and off-road winching, up-righting and recovery throughout Vermont. Their recovery services utilize the latest technology and airbag recovery systems to ensure quick, safe and secure recovery of your asset. Heavy recovery services include recovery of large semi-tractors, tour/city buses, coaches, tractor-trailers, RV’s, large fleet trucks, cube vans, bread trucks, single axle semi-tractors and storage units. They can accommodate requirements up to 100,000 pounds and provide complete air bag and air cushion recovery services as well. They feel that quantity should never exceed the quality of care that is given to your larger scale recovery and towing needs. Contact their direct dispatch service now to get the TDI Recovery Specialist Team on scene A.S.A.P.

Heavy Towing & Recovery Services Include:

    vermont truck recovery
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Medium Duty Towing
  • RV Towing
  • Semi Truck Towing
  • Cargo Hauling
  • Boat Hauling
  • Skid Steer Hauling
  • Trailer Towing
  • Truck & Trailer Storage
  • RV Storage
  • Spindle Repair
  • Tire Repair
  • Lock Out Service
  • Tire Service
  • Fuel Delivery

Air Cushion Recovery

Air bag recovery offers a fast and cost-effective alternative to traditional heavy duty truck recoveries. Utilizing this technology, over-turned trailers and trucks can be up-righted without the costly and time consuming process of cargo offloading. Large air cushions are strategically placed to gently lift the trailer back to the upright position in a matter of minutes. Airbag and air cushion recovery services can significantly reduce additional damage to your asset and cargo. Call Moss Towing & Road Service now to save time and money on your heavy truck recovery service.

HAZMAT Clean Up & Site Remediation Services

Hazmat Clean up Vermont

TDI Towing & Repair partners with licensed HAZMAT recovery specialists and can provide streamlined services to their clients. They understand your need for a heavy recovery partner that will safely clean up oil, fuel and HAZMAT cargo spills quickly and affordably. The recovery team first assesses your HAZMAT needs and then quickly assembles the necessary team. This saves you money as you never pay for unused staff or unnecessary equipment. They also offer site remediation services to ensure you have no future issues with your incident scene. Call their 24hr dispatch center now at 802-868-5270 now for immediate heavy recovery and HAZMAT Clean up services.

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